False positives and false negatives are too common in machine learning or digital twin maintenance algorithms. Its not the algorithms fault - its the data.

What We Do

AI-Driven Data and Signal Quality:

You can’t get the benefits of predictive maintenance without taking care of your signals and data first.

False positives and negatives are too common in machine learning and digital asset driven maintenance.  They will cost you more money than what they save.

We fix that.

The Pandata Tech Signal Quality Platform – an AI driven signal and data quality service that reduces false positives and negatives in any predictive maintenance system.

Note: This also makes our predictive maintenance better.


Pandata Tech has developed a platform that starts with sensors, and a software and hardware package that provides predictive failure analytics for operators and service provider companies. By incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are able to predict future faults that allow our clients to save money by reducing downtime of equipment and length of maintenance.

We have added a communication layer that allows the vendor of the equipment to receive  predictive alerts. The platform has been designed to give vendors a competitive advantage by helping their clients maintain up-time in operations

Predictive Maintenance
Signal and Data Quality

We serve the Energy industry in the following areas:

Drilling Operations

Exploration and Production

Skid Mounted Services and Engineering Systems


Gustavo Sanchez

Gustavo is the founder and CEO, he comes from the petrochemical and equipment sales world. He is a second generation oil man who has worked selling skid and modular equipment as well as oilfield service solutions that include, but not limited to, asset integrity, production, exploration, EOR, waste treatment, and offshore services. He is a data scientist with an MBA who loves solving problems and creating insights with data.

Jessica Reitmeier

Jessica is the CXO and CMO, she has worked for URS (now AECOM) and has a background with their midstream welding and pipeline division. She cares about environmental initiatives and developed a waste reduction and recycling program for a welding yard in URS. Jessica is an MBA graduate and marketing professional who specialises in brand management, product design and user experience (UX +UI).

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Board of Advisors

Chris Garvin

Chris is the Chief Technical Advisor. He has over 20 years of experience with tech-related activities in the energy industry. Chris is a talented programmer and tech architect in CenterPoint Energy.

Vicente Sanchez

Vicente is the President and CEO of OISA. He has over 40 years of oil and gas experience in the USA, Andean Markets, and China.

Amy Henry

Amy is a CPA and JD who is the founder of MH Energy Advisors. She has advised clients with C-level positions internationally, including in Shell and Petronas. Amy advises on portfolio management, E&P asset management, and alternative energies.

Thomas Henry

Thomas has 26 years of experience with Shell, upstream operations and is a life cycle asset development specialist. He is now the Director of MH Energy Advisors. Thomas has delivered results in operations spanning over 3 continents.

Deval Pandya

Deval holds a PhD from the University of Texas and is the Co-Founder of the Future Energy Lions. He is an experienced Shell Data Scientist and is a member of the advanced analytics team at Shell.

Babu Bangaru

MIT alumni and Shell veteran, Babu has lead teams who focus on strategy development in the Oil and Gas World. With International exposure in the USA, China, UK, and Nigeria, Babu has work experience in reservoir engineering, E&P planning, capital management, and portfolio management. He is the founder of the Present Potential Foundation, a trust with the  purpose of supporting groups and organizations that have charitable objectives.

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For more information, e-mail contact@pandatatech.com or call +1 (484) 764-9502